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What is New ?


November, 2022

Nov 8

Added a link to the downloads page to the menus. A number of Absalom floor tiles are there.

October, 2022

Oct 4

Added a definition series for Wood imported from Old Earth to the asteroids and other places.

August, 2022

Aug 23

There are now 6 zip files, 84 map tiles, of under floors on my downloads page. each zip has 14 map tiles.

Aug 15

Navigation menu updated completed.

Still working on the new navigation menus.

Aug 14

Ran out of time today, I’ll continue on later this week. Basically, I’m setting up the navigation menus so they take you the first item in the set, and menus just on those pages will link to similar pages. And there are 9 Absalom sub-floors now.

Changing up the menus so they can hold more information.

Added two sub-floor areas for Absalom station. Updated navigation menus.

July, 2022

Jul 25

I can see the navigation menus are going to be huge soon. I’ll work on a new setup using the same menus.

Discovered the navigation menu didn’t link to Dregel. That has been fixed, and I have added the new planet Zesha.

Jul 22
,br> Added the first article on ‘If I were to run a Starfinder game’.

Jul 19

Added minimal planet survey information for planet Dregel.

Added a named planet: Dregel in jpg and png. With and without a hexagonal grid.
,br> Added blank planet surveys in jpg and png format.

Jul 14

Menus are fixed.

Jul 13

Drop node 6 has been added, in jpg and png. Navigation menus updated.

Jul 11

Added another downport/space port. Desert this time.

Jul 6

Added Drop Node areas of influence 14. Yes, I started at the other end of the list.

Jul 5

Added a downport, in jpg and png. Text listing buildings. Navigation menus updated.

Jul 3

Galaxy map of large area drop nodes. Close in drop nodes will be done on separate maps.

Jul 2

Added one more red star, and 2 blue stars.

Added my first impression comment. Updated the navigation menus. The comment is under Information.

Jul 1

Completed, Friday afternoon.

Adding 4 generic solar systems. And some Traveller style smaller ships.

June, 2022

Jun 30

Added an overhead view/drawing of the Milky Way galaxy. From a NASA web site.

As I add solar systems, I’ll do closeups of various areas of the galaxy. While the overhead drawing is real, my additions are fictional. I don t want any naysayers to get confused… :-)

Jun 28

There are now 22 generic planets with different percentages of ocean. Navigation menus updated.

Jun 27

Added 12 generic planets and site navigation menus.

I have had a chance to read some of the pdfs I bought, I much prefer Classic Traveller over 3e d&d. So that is what I will pattern the characters and NPCs after. However, I’ll wait and see what kind of star maps are used for this game before I decide what to use.

I’ll try and put up here some generic planet maps using Fractal Terrains 3+

Probably time to start a navigation menu.

Jun 26

Started the site today. When I get the beginner box, I’ll look it over and decide how I’m going to do the planets, solar system maps, and sectors/sub-sectors.

In case you don’t want to wait, check my links page for my Traveller and other sites.

I’ll add navigation menus at a later date.

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