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1. Maps; planet and solar system. And a sector or two as well.

2. Planet maps will be made using Fractal Terrains 3+, and down ports, etc. will be made with Campaign Cartographer 3+ with the Cosmographer Add-on. Solar System maps will be made using CC3 Annuals CA67, CA70, and CA80. I am not very good at deck plans, but I’ll look into making those as well.

3. I have read some of the Legendary Worlds pdfs I bought. I don’t particularly care for feats from 3E/Pathfinder d&d. So this site will be more Classic Traveler than 3e.

4. The first planet maps will be Traveller icosahedron maps of varying amounts of ocean. They will be 1200 pixel wide jpgs. That way your bandwidth for downloads wont take such a big hit.

5. I did a web search on Starfinder galaxy map. There isn’t one. The star ship drives in this game, the characters can go anywhere. The discussion I found was from 2017 though.

From the posts, such a galaxy map would be points where devices had been dropped off, allowing quick travel.

6. The solar system maps are made using CA80. An Annual issue from Profantasy. CC3+ and Cosmographer 3 are needed to make use of this Annual issue.

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