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If I were to run a Starfinder game


I would use different rules. I have read through the Beginner Box Players and referee’s books.

I don’t care much for feats, and similar gaming ideas. So, I decided to set this site up with some rules from Classic Traveller and a few things from first edition ad&d. But, I might change my mind.

Gaining military service and retirement would be the same.

For spells by techno-wizards, I would probably use the following:

I’m thinking of just removing the Feats and adding in the CT Traveller jobs, etc. With some limited 1st thru 3rd level 1e ad&d spells.

Probably some of the detect spells, cure light wounds, sleep, augury, find traps, some of the druid weather spells. And animal spells so they can get info from animals like enemies ahead. Maybe some of the lesser illusionist spells. Magic Missile, Cure Light, but no fireball nor flame strike.

Instead of resurrection, put in medical doc machines. Small ones for minor wounds you can connect to a limb, larger ones for whole body fixes like broken bones, etc. But once the character is dead, they are dead. I haven’t read anything yet about what the game’s deities can do about death.

I’ll come up with a list later on… no idea when.

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