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Oh, one sf story I read years ago had artificial wood floors. If a person was rich, they could get an actual wood room brought out to the asteroid belt from Earth.


I worked out five kinds of wood for a futuristic setting where it might be considered a rare commodity.

Faux Wood – basically plastic colored and textured like wood. The cheapest and most common kind.

Crop Wood – a genetically engineered plant grown in hot house conditions (sometimes hydroponically on space stations). Homogeneous in texture without processing to create a false grain. Genetically branded by the developer and can be traced. More expensive than faux wood but still relatively common. Tuff (TF) Wood – genetically engineered trees used in terraforming to establish stable ecosystems. Illegal to harvest until the biosphere is firmly established and can survive without artificial assistance and then only with a special license. Possession of unlicensed tuff wood (identified by its genetic fingerprint) is a serious crime.

Nat(ural) Wood – trees grown from registered seedlings with little or no genetic engineering and planted after terraforming is complete. Very expensive and regarded as a luxury item. Transport of seedlings or wood requires extensive documentation.

Col(ony) Wood – every Terran colony has at least one tree imported directly from Earth and is considered part of the colony’s historical legacy. Only fallen branches may harvested and usually become precious artifacts. Cutting a colony tree is considered a capital crime on almost every world but there are few convictions since the perpetrator is usually lynched from the tree they cut. The death of a colony tree is considered a very bad omen.

“Some non-human colonizers found the ‘colony wood’ idea to be quite interesting and copied it with plants from their own home worlds. In at least one case it proved to be a very bad idea.”

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